“Are You Gonna Stay the Night?” – A Musical Dedication to the Neighborhood Javelinas

"Are You Gonna Stay the Night?" - A Musical Dedication to the Neighborhood Javelinas




There’s a song on the radio right now called “Are you gonna stay the night”, and I’m not sure who the talented artist is.  It seems to be an enormous hit.  If you don’t listen to high-quality radio pop like me, you’re probably missing out on this gem.  Here, let’s just slip a link in so you can take a peek when you get bored.  If that sounds like too much work, here’s a snap shot of the lyrics:


Are you gonna stay the night?

Are you gonna stay the night?

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

Are you gonna stay the night? (repeat x 10)


See what I mean?  I’m fairly certain that the person being sung to in this song is going to stay the night.  It’s a safe bet.


I dedicate this song to the javelinas who live close to our neighborhood and pop in the yard for a visit now and again.  My lyrics go like this:


Are you gonna stay the night?

Are you gonna eat my plants?

Are you gonna crush my stuff?

Are you gonna stay the night?


I actually really like javelinas (they look at least a little snugly, right?), but they can definitely stomp and chew the heck out of a landscape in a very short period of time.  I’ve seen packs of 30+ wandering local neighborhoods, polishing off plants, ripping up irrigation, and flattening shrubs to make a nice bed.  I’ve heard you can use various potions to keep them away – coyote pee, human pee, hot peppers, vinegar, yadda yadda yadda.  I’ve also heard those things only work moderately well.  So, for some fun today, $3 in change and a free Slurpee to anyone who has ideas that have been tested, proven, and don’t include installing a new fence.  Throw ’em out there.


On a minor side note:  I very much want to be involved in the making of a huge hit song like the one referenced above.  I can come up with equally solid lyrics and can eek out a few chords on the keyboard.  Message me and we’ll get started.





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