Camping is for the Birds (except at Havasupai Falls)

I know with this title line I’ve immediately lost a number of my outdoorsy-to-the-max friends.  I have a surprisingly large group of lady friends that do 50 mile runs, rim-to-rim-to-rim (Grand Canyon) hikes in a day, and other things I suspect they call “fun.”  Nope.  In fact, I’m to the point where I’m considering an investigative look into glamping (and that’s coming from someone who willingly wheel-barrows around multiple tons of rock and earth most days of the week).  Tom has it right.

I’m willing to make an exception for the hiking/camping venture to get to Havasupai Falls at the west end of the Grand Canyon, where I’ve been the last few days.  Beyond the fact that I thought I might need a total spine/pelvic girdle/knee replacement after arriving at the canyon bottom (where I promptly crunched down a handful of Tylenol), I’d say it’s something worth doing at least once, you just need to make sure to at least bring some essential, I’d suggest checking Rent.is to find more information.

It’s one of those magical, other-worldly places that, at least after living in Tucson for years, almost seems like a Lisa Frank notebook cover.  It’s fantastic and wild and next time I’m paying the $170 to be transported by helicopter.

On that note, here are a few photos from the adventure.

hava 1

hava 2

hava 3

hava 4

hava 6

Have you been?  Are you planning a trip sometime in the near future?  My only recommendation logistically is that you go on a shoulder season.  We were down there with about 150 people, which felt moderately busy, but on some upcoming weekends in May they have 900 people with reservations.  That might feel more like a frat party than a wilderness trip.

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