Do you wear a uniform to work?  Smart suit?  Scrubs?


Here’s what I’ve got goin’ on: steel toed boots, huge wool socks, army green work pants (with a rip in the crotch and a broken zipper) that sag after 2 minutes of digging because I’ve had them for 8 years, underwear that inevitably crawl halfway up my back as the pants sag (seriously, no matter if we’re talking biggies or not), a tank top that continually shrinks up like a midriff, a long-sleeved sun shirt that has permanent B.O., a huge sun hat, and sunglasses thickly covered in dust.  It’s an unfortunate sight.  Sometimes I think I spend half my day hiking up the pants/lowering the chonies/yanking down the tank top/dusting the sunglasses/trying to get away from my own smell.  I might look into an all-purpose bodysuit, except when you Google “functional bodysuit” you mostly get things in the Spanx family, which sounds hot and restrictive.  (Just now I wondered “are there bodysuits for men?”  Because that’s not something you hear about much.  But yes, yes there are, and you just Google it yourself and see what you find!) One-piece coveralls?  My favorite is when a client surprises me while I’m digging; not only do I have all the above going on, but I also have a layer of dirt sludge on my teeth and lips because dust + sweat/spit = yuk mouth.  This evening I went to the bank after work and the teller kept rubbing her nose, as in “you’ve got a little something going on but I’m too polite to say it.”  Dirt boogs.  So many of those!  I often wonder if I’m also getting Dirt Lung?  Can anyone weigh in on this medical concern for me?


Sometimes I think it sounds so nice to put on a pair of heels and some sassy pants and head off to work.  (And a top, of course.)




I’ve spent considerable time at plant nurseries this week and came across two new (to me) things that I’d like to plop in the yard.


Apache Plume

apache plume

It’s a lovely shrub with wispy pink puffs and white flowers.  Low-water, easy to grow from seed, great for wildlife.

Bee Brush (Aloysia lycioides)

bee brush

Another low-water shrub, attracts bees and butterflies, and smells nice.  Planting one of these tomorrow!

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