Don’t let the sun go down on Squee

Don't let the sun go down on Squee

Photo Credit: B. Sapienza (she also lays claim to the millions of dollars this post will bring in)


This is a fun game called “replace the word ‘me’ with ‘Squee'” in any song title or lyric.  Try it, you’ll definitely like it.  My current favorite is “Don’t cry for Squee Argentina,” which I sing as loudly as possible around the house (though I only know the one line…maybe just two thirds).


It’s going to be a rainy day here, finally!  This means you’ll find Squee tucked up into this lamp, baking his brain directly against the very hot light bulbs.  I’ve told him this may cause some permanent damage, or a burn at the very least, but he has his own ideas about safety and whatnot.


I’d love to be basking in the lamp light with him, but I’m heading out to pour concrete footers around steel poles to prepare for that shade sail I was telling you about, followed by pulling weeds in my own garden while the soil is soft.  Hooray!  I might even throw in a 9th trip to Home Depot for the week to add a real twist.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to start high-fiving certain employees who also seem to be there around the clock.


Happy Saturday everyone, and see you tomorrow for the second round of the Sunday plant-snatch.  Enjoy the weather!

  1. Take a chance on squee!

    • Love it! Totally have that stuck in my head now. Becky and I are going to try harmonizing on that one.

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