I believe in creating outdoor spaces that are good for people and for the planet.



♦ Water is a valuable resource, especially in the desert.  By incorporating the use of low-water and native plants,  passive and active water harvesting methods, and efficient irrigation technology, I can help you use less and get more from your landscape.



♦ Outdoor environments that attract desert wildlife are not only more interesting, but help provide patches of habitat in our fractured urban core.  I can create spaces that will serve as oases for birds, butterflies, lizards and other exciting desert creatures.



♦ Producing a bit of your own food is rewarding and fun, and possible nearly year-round in the Sonoran Desert.  Whether you’re interested in a few pots of herbs, a small fruit orchard, or a full-on vegetable patch, I will help with the big picture down to the fine details.



♦ Through the use of native and adapted plants, regionally-appropriate materials, and artfully crafted arrangements, I create environments that speak to the cultural and natural history of the Southwest Deserts.



♦ The Sonoran Desert is an exceptional place that caters to outdoor living all year long, whether it be summer evenings or winter afternoons.  I can help you celebrate the seasons by designing spaces that are comfortable and incorporated into your daily life.



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