Finding a Daily Groove + Craigslist Patio RoundUp


Well hello.  Good to see you again on this fine Friday.  You’ll be pleased to know that wordpress is back in line, without any explanation or intervention.  Bizarro.


I want to say one quick thing before the furniture fun begins.  Sometimes I get quizzical looks and questions regarding my desire to plunk around with a wheel barrow for so much of my day when I possess a master’s degree in landscape architecture.  The answer is super simple.  When I am sitting at a cubicle/desk/computer screen for more than 20 hours a week, this is my soundtrack to life.  Seriously.  It’s not good at all.  When I’m out digging, talking with contractors, whipping up sketches, and dreaming about plants, this is a much better fit.  I know I’m not alone in this, but when I’m at a computer or desk for large portions of the day my brain completely short-circuits.  All systems down, call in the paramedics, bring in life-support sort of brain functioning.  I descend into a dark vortex of swirling sludge.  And unfortunately for me, clacking away at the computer is a primary activity in the world of landscape architecture.  AutoCad, SketchUp, Adobe programs, and email end up filling limitless 8,10, or 12 hour days at design firms everywhere.  So I’m not sure I would call my decision to do what I do totally scripted – it’s just that I find it natural, mostly pleasant, and in line with my feelings about the earth and my small number of days here.  Plus, I came equipped with super sturdy Iowa farmer legs that can dig the heck out of some dirt.  Without them I would need a big old drum of Prozac.  Have you had the extreme privilege of finding your daily groove?


That’s the length of my Sedona-inspired talk for now, potentially more on that in the future.


Okay!  On to the craigslist finds.  I was going to wait another week to do this again, but I found enough wonders and delights that it seems worthwhile.




I don’t know, maybe you do have occasion for this 1920s ashtray stand – your next theme party, perhaps.  Smoking was all the rage, after all.  Apparently the 1920s are making a comeback in a stuffy sort of way.

$45 Elevated Ashtray

ash tray 45



I like both of these pieces.  I bet that lamp looks killer on a nice covered patio, and the plant rack is pretty rad as well.

Found at an estate sale this weekend.

color lamp



If someone said they would buy me this $200-$1000 magical “Bungled Jungle” sculpture made of “a minimum of 13 separate materials interlayed and hand painted,” well, I would say “sure, why not, bring it over.”  It is sort of cool, right?  Tucked in some bushes where it could really spook someone at night?  You should definitely check out the actual craigslist ad – the seller apparently got into a brawl with this beast as his shirt is a mere shadow of what it once was.  If you want to send me this, I accept.

$200 – $1000 Dragon

dragon 200 - 1000



This is a nice mid-century set – it looks like one long piece, but those tables are not connected (I’ve seen some mid-century stuff where it’s all connected and I find it a bit strange – you need an extra long space for furniture like that, and a desire for zero flexibility).  The cushions are all new and they say it’s in great shape.  Pair it up with the hanging lamp from above!

$325 Mid-Century Bamboo Set

mid century sofa 325



It’s a little hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but these are kind of nifty.  They’re retro 1960s/1970s cantilevered wicker patio chairs made by Lloyd.  They’re a really good deal, too, at $25 for the pair.  Is it a crime to give something like this a little coat of paint?  I probably would, but I’m no expert on what’s worth preserving.

$25 Wicker Chair Set 

patio chairs 25



Love this.  If you’re into a western look, I’m picturing this in an intimate covered porch.  Nights of poker games and sarsaparilla cocktails.

$225 Western Hanging Light

western light 225



There’s nothing super fabulous about this, except that it provides some shade and it’s $25!  If you look at umbrella listings much, you’ll know that they are never this price – like not even close, even for the junky versions.  This should be snapped up today.

$25 Umbrella

umbrella 25




I can’t really tell what this sculpture is up to.  It’s probably just great, and it’s totally possible that this guy sells tons of them.  But what does it for me is the blue painter’s tape price tag stating “$20k.”  Just in case you’re cruising craigslist this weekend and you’re in the market for s $20,000 sculpture (OBO), this is your man.

$20k Sculpture

sculpture 20000


Have  a fantastic day, everyone.  I’ll be here tomorrow with a new round of antics and total nonsense.

  1. Forget about going back to school. You should have a writing career. This was very humorous!!

  2. I got you the guy in the ripped shirt for next Christmas!

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