Hospital Gardens

Actually I don’t have anything to say today about hospital gardens.  Maybe tomorrow?

Well, everyone here seems like the friend I mentioned yesterday is back on the train tracks, which is incredible news.  He fell in a rock climbing accident up at Lake Powell, which then resulted in a rescue effort that included helicopters, “one-skid” landings, speed boats, and other assorted details that make my brain spin.  He broke his #1 vertebra (known as the “atlas” because it holds the weight of the world – the skull) into multiple pieces – at least 4.  Miraculously those pieces did not sever his spinal cord or his main blood vessels entering and leaving the brain.  Now those pieces are screwed together and attached to the #2 vertebra (the “axis,” which gives you most of your rotation ability) and the whole works is totally stabilized.  Modern medicine is truly astonishing.

In case you’re pondering an intense injury like this or in case of accidental injuries find personal injury attorneys for hire as they can help you out legally.Moreover, it sounds like the area around Flagstaff, AZ is the place to be.  Since the surrounding community tends to be very involved in outdoor sports, they have an incredible staff dedicated to athletic injuries.

Today will be far less adrenaline-filled, so I may actually pop into the hospital gardens and have a look, I already know they need the services of erosion control pierce county wa.  Outdoor spaces at medical facilities can provide much-needed respite and relaxation, which is important for both patients and visitors.  I know the people I’m with right now will need some meditative moments in the coming days.  So more tomorrow on that subject – I might even gather some thoughts from those who aren’t design nerds like myself.  Scintillating!

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