Pajama Man + Mexican Feather Grass

Pajama Man + Mexican Feather Grass


This is actually just an excuse to work Squee into the blog from the very start, which is going to continue until the day he drops dead from a heart attack.  Awww, Squee!


Really though, I have an actual point.  If you need a small “wildlands” patch for your pajama’d friend, Mexican Feather Grass is a total hit.  You don’t need to trim it back to the ground like other ornamental grasses (in  fact, it looks worse if you trim it) and it reseeds readily, meaning your savanna will expand year after year.  I have mine planted in some 3″ deep pecan shell mulch (really cheap at certain times of the year – 1 cubic yard for $18) and I water it about every 2 weeks now that they’re established.  Squee enjoys jumping out of this fine patch and snagging me as much as possible.  Love that guy.



  1. Pretty grass! And very pretty kitty!

    • Squee’s pretty much the best. And that grass is awesome! During the spring Home Depot sells a 6 pack of it for $5 and it’s really easy to keep alive. Maybe we need a grass patch in your plan! (I think you said you have a cat, but I don’t think I’ve seen it with my own eyes…).

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