Patio Dining by Candlelight

Hello again everyone, I’m back from yesterday’s flattened state of mind and things today are looking at least half inflated.  Progress.


candles 1


With warmer nights upon us, it’s time to start dining outside at night! I love this time of year – it’s cool enough to have a small fire in the chiminea but not so cool that you need to bundle up (plus, no mosquitoes for a few months!).  And, these nights are made all the more dramatic with candles, lanterns, and string lights (everyone can benefit from a little drama).  We’re about to set up a very modest yet delightful shade structure in the backyard, which will also provide the elements necessary to hang various types of lights.  I might even add drop-cloth curtains and an outdoor sofa to really make it a deluxe entertaining space.  Now that I write this I’m feeling sort of motivated to get it done, so perhaps more on that in the next week or so.


For now, here are a few inspirational shots to get the juices flowing.  Do you have a comfortable outdoor entertaining space?  What are the essential pieces?


candles 2



candles 3



candles 4


candles 5



candles 6


On another note, I’m off to Havasupai Falls today through Monday!  First I’m meeting friends in Flagstaff where we’ll camp in their Volkswagon Eurovan (I get the loft), then we’ll spend two nights at the bottom of the canyon.  Should be pretty great.  I have a small secret, which is that I really don’t love sleeping in a tent – I’m fairly certain the longest I stay asleep is 6 minutes, at which point my bones begin to hurt and I have to shift my weight around.  What’s the math on that after 8 hours?  But I do love a good hike, and this one is 20 miles round trip plus an exploratory hike on the middle day, so that all works out nicely (minus sleep deprivation).  So I’ll be taking exactly three days off from the blog and then I’ll see you Tuesday, renewed and rid of the life-flattening blues.


Any fun spring weekend plans for you?


See you soon!

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  1. Love that outdoor movie setup!

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