Residential Landscape Design Ideas – Check Out GrowDown!

This last weekend I had a chance to check out a residential landscaping design competition at our local botanical garden, and it was a real hoot.  I mean it!  It was a bunch of landscape and plant nerds and a great time was had by all, I even got the chance to meet an amazing gate repair redmond wa company.  I knew all three competing designers and they each did beautiful, thoughtful, and detailed design installations. the amazing bushes and trees surrounding the house get treated by the tree trimming palm  services.  If you’re in the market for some landscape changes or additions, I really recommend calling 24/7 tree services for them to take a look – I think the installations will be up for a few months (though, looking their best right about now).  You can get a whole slew of ideas – rain cisterns, shade structures, fire pits, native and edible plant palettes, patio furniture, chicken coops, trellises – honestly the whole works.  During visits like these you can discover amazing types of work like hardscaping, which is a type of landscaping that can enhance the appearance of your home or business and increase the resale value of your property. You’d be surprised that you can find a good hardscape contractor out there! What’s more, they list the dollar amount spent on each installation (not including design or installation fees – materials only).  They range from something like $2500 to $7500 spent on each of the 15′ x 20′ plots, so you can see how quickly (quality) landscaping adds up.  (On the money side of things, I sometimes recommend that people compare how much they would spend on a total kitchen remodel and relate that to how it’s possible to spend an equal or greater amount on an outdoor space).

So here are just a few quick comments from ngturf.com/bermuda/ on each of the three designs, and a couple not-so-great photos.  You really need to see this stuff in person to get the right idea.

This first space was done by Iylea Olson representing LJ Design & Consulting.  It features a fantastic shade structure (knocking out that south and west sun), a deck with comfy patio chairs, a rain water cistern, multiple edible and native garden beds, creative trellises with grape vines, a great metal fence done by a fence company and some fancy potted plants.  Love it!!  I want this in my yard, next time I do lawn care in my yard I will be sure to incorporate some of the things I just mention.

growdown 1

growdown 2

Next up is an installation done by Maria Voris of Petrichor Design + Build.  As you can see, the main feature is a shade structure with a huge swing!  So fun.  In addition, the space has a rain cistern, privacy commercial chain link fencing, custom pathway pavers, rain harvesting basins, and some incredible structural plants.  Truly a relaxing space.

growdown 5

growdown 6

And finally we have a design by Micaela Michado representing Solana Outdoor Living.  This outdoor space offers up a stunning rammed earth wall, a creative chicken coop, gabion + rebar planter walls, a custom fire pit, designer furniture, and plenty of statement plants in ceramic pots.  What’s not to love?

growdown 3

growdown 4

So get on over to the botanical gardens and take a look.  You’ll come away with plenty of inspiration and motivation, especially since we’re in the full swing of spring.  Time to start some digging and planting!

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