I offer. . .


You can hire me for one or all, it’s up to you.

The fee for my services is $35 an hour.
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Do you have a list of questions you need answered about your yard and how you can make the most of your budget?  We can set up a meeting to talk about plants, hardscape, greywater  systems, and the step-by-step process you’ll follow to make your space great.  Have you already had landscape plans drawn, but want a second opinion?  We’ll discuss potential design changes, how to manage contractors, and ways to cut costs from, say, $40,000 down to $20,000, and still end up with a beautiful outdoor space.
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I love to design on paper, and we can decide the appropriate level of detail needed for your landscape plan.  If I’m doing the installation, I’ll often spend 4-5 hours on graph and trace paper, saving you money at this phase.  If we need a much more refined drawing so other contractors can use it to make bids, I’ll create a detailed, to-scale plan that includes vegetation, hardscape, lighting, and irrigation.



Yes, I do installation!  I’m as good with a shovel and pick as I am with pencil and paper.  Potential clients have asked, “why pay someone $35 an hour to dig when I can pay 1/3 that amount?”  Great question.  When I am working in your space, I am not just digging.  I am assessing and altering grading and drainage, scoping out microclimates for various plant groups, pinpointing the views from your house that should be framed or blocked, working my way around unmarked utility lines, determining how the color and materials of your house will contribute to the overall aesthetic, and so much more.  Anyone who installs landscape plans knows that the paper version never goes unchanged when translated to the ground.  There are infinite small and large improvisations that are made, and you want someone skilled and trained to make those changes.  Plus, I am fast and I work hard!  I’ve been told by my most recent 8 clients that I’m the hardest working woman they’ve met.

Here’s a list of things I can install:

  • Earthwork, including basins, berms, paths, and grading around your home
  • Planting of all varieties
  • Boulder placement up to 200 lbs (visualize an 18″ square boulder) – we can go bigger with helpers and/or a bobcat
  • Flagstone pathways
  • Decomposed granite pathways and patios – either stabilized or standard, depending on the application
  • “Pop-Up Drains” that connect your downspouts directly to planting areas
  • Custom concrete pavers of multiple sizes and shapes
  • Spreading gravel and larger rock, with or without landscape fabric
  • Trenching for irrigation, laying in main lines, adding connector tubes and emitters (not valve boxes or backflow preventers)
  • Choosing and placing pots, statues, bird-baths, trellises, and other ornamentation

These are the tasks I can help you get contracted based on my personal and professional connections:

  • Concrete patios
  • Outdoor tile work
  • Ramadas
  • Shade sails
  • Seat walls and property walls
  • Landscape lighting
  • Irrigation valve boxes and backflow preventers
  • Taking down large trees


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bottom 2 version 3-01-01


bottom 3 version 3-01