The Multiverse + Craigslist Patio Round-Up

Have you taken a look at the April issue of National Geographic?  If not, you’re missing out on a fancy removable insert depicting the progression of our universe from the size of a golf ball to its current detectable size (the edge we’re aware of is 47 billion light years away).  They also throw in the idea that we may be part of a multiverse, and that “our cosmos may be one in a sea of others just like ours – or nothing like ours.”  This stuff simultaneously freaks me out to the point of hysteria and completely calms me to the core.  I’m trying to grasp and maintain the latter stance for now.  Helps me realize that A. if we blow it on this version of Earth, maybe we really can get a do-over elsewhere, B. I’m glad I have plenty of opportunity for distractions so I don’t go crazy thinking about the multiverse, and C. next time I get to feeling bad about the million-odd things that have gone wrong so far in my short life (I want those hours of reading a Nicholas Sparks book back – seriously) I can meditate on the fact that we, meaning all of us and all of everything, were smashed together into a golf ball glob at one point and attempt to feel the warm fuzziness of that experience.


What about you?  Does space give you the jeebs?  Given the chance, would you take a space holiday? (nope)


Okay, so here are a few delights from the Tucson craigslist interwebs this week.  Some are awesome, and I want you to invite me over for a cocktail party when you have purchased them.  Others will be snapped up by yours truly.


“Real Art From Prison” – $100

I’m going to start off with a bang, because why not.  The only thing I’m going to say is that I found this by searching “plants” in craigslist, so surely some wires were crossed when this listing was posted.  Rather than insert my own commentary, let’s let this guy do his own explaining: “I have these 2 peaces of art they r drawn on a new sheet with a pen my roomate drew them when i was in prison they are verry detailed of naked wemen and weed plants dnt wana get rid of them but wife wont let me hang them up i Want a 100 for them.”  Anyone want to go in on this?  I love that these ladies are lazing about in a pile of weed foliage!  Brilliant.

prison art



1960s Furniture Set – $230

Love this set.  And I think the price is pretty fair, right?  Perfect for a small patio on a hot summer night.

wire furniture



Tulip Table – $495

Obviously I’m a sucker for Mid-Century furniture, but this looks like it’s in really good restored condition (8 new coats of paint?!?) and the ad says they typically go for more than double this price.

tulip table



Gothic Lamp – $295

Look at this fantastic lamp!  It has six different colors of stained glass and I find it totally enchanting.  I imagine you need a series of bolts and hooks to support the weight (they think it came from a church at some point), but I think it would look so nice amongst some creeping vines and potted plants.

gothic lamp



6′ Tiki Statue – $150

I’m not totally joking around on this one, just like I wasn’t joking with the dragons from a few weeks ago (those are still available, by the way).  I think if you’re going to go for some garden art, really just go for it.  One huge piece that attracts some attention is so much more pleasing than a bunch of trinkets spread around like flies on cow patties (all that buzzing is distracting).  So if you’re in the market, why not this guy?  Tuck him in with some shrubs and boulders and forget the BigLots metal butterflies.

tiki statue



Patio Lamps – Assorted Prices

I really enjoy a good estate sale, especially when they feature large and mysterious collections of unrecognizable (to me) objects.  What I do recognize, though, is that I love lamps and I will probably need all of these lamps at some point in my life.  A table lamp (or 4) really brings a touch of romance to a covered patio, and even more so when they’re old and rusty.

patio lamps



“Death Chair” – $1

Again, I happened upon this mysterious ad as I was searching for “house plants.”  I imagine it’s a hazard of trolling craigslist.  Well, whatever this project was supposed to look/function like, it’s now up for grabs if you can scrounge up a 12 pack of Bud Light to trade.

project gone wrong



Happy weekend deal-hunting everyone!  I’ll be heading to the Tucson Botanical Gardens tomorrow morning to take a look at the Grow Down competition.  Head on over if you’re looking for backyard design ideas, should be pretty great.

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