The Sunday Snatch featuring Oblong Prickly Pear

Well hello!


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is a mother, has a mother, knows a mother, and any other variation you can think of.


Today I’ve been thinking of some things that would be very hard to live without:


1) My mom.  Like lots of us, I was raised pretty much singularly by my mom.  Working full time, taking care of household and life stuff, and raising kids – solo – sounds like at least quadruple what I could handle on a daily basis.  Talk about no time for relaxation or personal pursuits.  She was and is a stellar mom and human being.  Thanks, mom!  I have a lot to live up to when I get to the mom business.


2)  This guy:

squee fan

3) This American Life.  I’ve been a devoted listener for years and just can’t get enough.  I regularly look back to the 90s episodes to see if I find something I’ve missed.  Don’t you have a least a small crush on Ira Glass?  Do you have a favorite episode that you’d care to share?  I can’t name a number one, but I love this, this, and this, plus about 100 others.  If by some crazy chance you have never heard the show, you have a solid 20 years to catch up on!

4) Chapstick.  Desert + no chapstick = not worth carrying on.


On to the snatch!  Try not to get bored with the prickly pear  missions, because there are at least a couple more heading your way after today.  This one is awesome because it grows super fast and it gets a tall and narrow shape rather than a low and roundy shape.  I’m calling it oblong prickly pear because I can’t find the real name.  You’ll know it when you see it.  I grabbed my first couple pads from the UA campus near the health center.  Well, here, I’ll just show you in an aerial photo:

highland quad

Same old scheme: clip a pad off at a joint, let it scab over for a day or 30, plant in the ground with about half the pad buried.  This picture below shows a set of 2 pads I planted last fall.  This spring it has added 18 new pads so far!  Most prickly pears add one new pad per one old pad each spring.  This one seems to keep going and going for at least a few months, so you might end up with something that’s triple or quadruple the height of your original planting.  Fun!  Time to add it to your collection.

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oblong prickly pear

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  1. You’ll be a better Mom than most – I guarantee that!
    Love, Mom

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