The Sunday Snatch featuring Staghorn Cholla

Happy Sunday to you!  I’ve done one productive thing today and I’m maxed out as far as that goes.  The rest will be spent lounging and pondering something delicious and fun for dinner.  Any ideas?  At the moment I’m thinking chorizo corn chowder or shrimp bun bowls.  My cooking creativity comes in widely spaced spurts, and right now is not one of those times.  What will you be eating tonight?


Another of my Sunday activities is looking at blogs.  Here’s what I read regularly: Mormon mom with 6 kids, Evangelical mom with 5 kids, Catholic mom with (almost) 4 kids, and husband-and-wife blogging duo with (almost) 2 kids and tons of home improvement projects.  I’m not religious, I don’t have kids yet, and I’m really not much of a home improvement kind of gal, but those are the spots where I land on a regular basis.  I guess there’s something about how different their lives are from mine that keeps me coming back.  Do you look at blogs that pertain to your life in no way whatsoever?  Maybe this one?  Fill me in, I’d love some new “reading.”


About a month ago we covered teddy bear cholla, and now it’s time to add in another of my favorites, staghorn cholla.  It’s so pretty!  We’ve reviewed in a previous post that it pairs nicely with creosote, so if you’re doing some spring planting you could get both of these in the ground at once.  Staghorn cholla has a lovely purple flesh and unusual multicolored flowers, and can take on an elegant vase shape over time.  If you’re worried about it taking up too much space, you can easily keep it in check with some quick pruning (and give the leftover bits to friends).  This is one of those plants that can contribute color to your yard – a definite break from the gray-greens we have so many of.  Plus, pretty much as low as you can go on the maintenance scale.


staghorn 1

You know the drill.  Grab some large pruners, cut off a chunk of the plant at a joint, catch it in a bucket, let it scab over for a couple days, then plant!

staghorn 2

I just added 12 new groupings of these guys to the yard.  So far they look happy and healthy, and the dogs have learned to steer around them after a few minor run-ins.  Success!  Now’s a great time to grab some, so keep the supplies in your car and be ready to snatch when the moment arises.

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