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For the last 3 weeks I’ve felt pretty flat.  Not exactly depressed, just flat like a pancake on a hot summer sidewalk.  Know what I mean?  Some of it is explainable, and some of it is probably related to my personality type.  I alternately come up as INFP or INFJ, but either way I’m at least 60% nuts so the whole thing rounds out fairly nicely.  One fantastic thing about getting older is that when I feel like this I can much more easily imagine and remember what it’s like to not be in this state, so hope is not lost.  That being said, if you were considering hiring me for some work but now find yourself wondering if I’m up to the task, these are often my most physically productive times!  I don’t know why.  So let’s get going on that weed-filled wasteland.


Remember the shameful post about my lack of shopping skills?  Well, in relation to the pancake flatness I visited Ross (Dress For Less) a couple days ago in search of a few essentials.  Sometimes, rather than having a complete shopping breakdown, I enter into a bit of a zombie condition that can really take hold for an extended time.  So after 2 long hours at the store, guess what I walked out with for the bargain-basement price of $5.99?





I know.  It’s definitely made for those in the 10-14 age range.  I’ve never purchased anything like this before.  But my basic thought was “this is so pretty, how can I wear all of it at once and just use it up in one go?”  I actually really like makeup, but given my daily routine it usually ends up smeared around and mixed with dirt and sweat after 10 minutes.  I wear it anyway.  I’ve known plenty of guys who enjoy wearing makeup, and who can blame them?  Honestly, whose face couldn’t use a little extra jazz from time to time?  So, I think my very, very loose point in this jumbled stream of thoughts is that sometimes you need a lift, and sometimes you can spend $5.99 and have your needs met in a material manner.  I also think it’s worth noting that cats seem to be magnetized to sitting on/sleeping on/knocking around these kits (and I leave mine open so I can visually soak up its glory), which is something to consider given the cat hair + lip gloss combo you end up with.



Who wants to come up with the plant portion of today’s post?


The one thing I can think of mentioning is that plants are also good for the flattened state, and they are a far less ridiculous purchase.  In fact I just saw a snippet of another study about how plants are great for your mental state.  So even if you’re not up for starting on your whole outside space, why not go grab a nice desert plant and throw it in a beautiful pot?  Done.  It’s a great start, and you’ll reap all sorts of rewards.  While you’re at it, can you find out for me where the shopping nook at Broadway and Country Club bought their pots?  Love them!  Here are a few pictures to get you motivated.


pots 1



pots 2



pots 3



pots 4



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  1. Hello fellow INFP INFJ split personality. I can relate 100%. Flat pancake times also are quite often my most productive times…well for physical type stuff. The other times are my most creative. So, I’m sitting here reading this post literally about to pee my pants I’m laughing so hard…your brain is fantastic.

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