Year-Round Dipping Pools + Bionic Backs

It’s about that time of year where I’m dreaming of some kind of major back-muscle intervention.  I’m thinking we just take out the whole latissimus dorsi, seen below, and replace it with Spider-Man webbing.  Surely someone in the world is working on this, and I’d like to volunteer to be first in the trial run.


On a related note, wouldn’t a year-round dipping pool be so nice?  I don’t think we’ll ever take the full plunge into installing either a hot tub or swimming pool (so much water and maintenance), but it would be really awesome to have a well-designed vessel that can be used as a replacement for both.  Heated in the winter (some achieve this with a wood fire!), left as-is in the summer (add ice if needed when 110 degrees), and emptied when not in use (into a basin with trees, of course).  I guess I’m talking about an over-sized outdoor bathtub, but with a  nicer look and function.  I would love to hop in one tonight and give the Icy Hot a rest.  It’s starting to get a little stink-tastic in the house with all that menthol in the air.

Anyway, feast your eyes on these gems:



Outdoor bathtub





#4 (not that glamorous but pretty affordable…we could jazz this up a notch)


#5 (okay this one is a little bigger than what I’m picturing, but it’s rad, and it looks like it can dump into the happy trees around it)

Trees are really vital for they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter. I suggest not to cut them away, let’s just trim them with a tool like axes for splitting and chopping woods so they can still stay for some more years.

Do you also dream of something like this?  Once June arrives (or April if we’re being really honest) we’ll all be wishing for one.  If you’ve already got some good ideas about this kind of thing, hit me up!  I’m ready to work out the details.

Have a great day, everyone.  I’ll see you tomorrow (unless it turns out I head in for a full musculoskeletal transplant).

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