A Modest Shade Structure

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Well, the shade structure frame is finally up!  What do you think?  A little goofy?  I wanted something circular to mimic the circular garden space around it, and I think this solution fits the bill nicely without breaking the bank.


This is a project that falls into the “what if I have less than $100 for some shade, but plenty of DIY skills” category.  Is that you?  If so, let’s review this gem.


If you can’t tell from first glance, this is a reorganized trampoline frame.  The legs have been stacked together in order to form four 10′ tall poles.  I bolted the leg sections together (2 per joint for a total of 6 bolts per leg) using self tapping screws that end in the hollow core of the tubes.  The circular part is also bolted together, and then the circular part is bolted to the leg part.  All in all a decent amount of time was spent drilling and bolting – I’d say 6-8 hours.  The 10′ tall legs are buried 2′ in concrete footers, leaving 8′ above ground.


Next up I will add a 10′ circular tarp to the top – reflective silver facing the sky and white facing the ground – secured with small eye bolts.  Then I’m pondering some canvas drop cloth curtains for the west side, some round string lights for the perimeter, and a couple hanging plants around the sides.  I’ll show an updated photo when those supplies arrive.  When it’s complete I plan on putting the kiddie pool, some chairs, and a huge fan in there, and you will find me in that position until October.  Come over and say hello!



Trampoline frame: free on craigslist

Concrete for footers: $12

Screws: $20

10′ Tarp: $45

Drop Cloth Curtains: $20


trampoline with bling


  1. I LOVE it. I’m also impressed you photoshopped in the shadow on the ground

  2. Nice job! Looks like a huge amount of work to me.

  3. How to lift to the height

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