Adding a (tiny) Splash of (non-native) Color

petunia 1

So I know just a couple days ago I carried on about our native plant palette, and how desert color comes and goes, and how we all have to come to appreciate the multitude of gray-greens that surround us.  But I love petunias.  And they are so far from native, or near-native, or desert-adapted.  I love them and I’m going to always have one fun pot of them on my front porch because I’m not soulless or completely dead inside.  They smell fabulous and they come in the most vibrant colors, and after all it’s just one pot.  By June I’ll have a small grudge against them because they’ll need a pitcher of water about 3 times a day, but for now they make me happy with their tropical flowers and happy green foliage.

Do you have a splurge pot?  Marigolds, perhaps?  Pansies?  Now is a great time to get these types of flowers growing – the nights are warm enough and the days aren’t scorching.


petunia 2



petunia 3

Have a great Saturday, everyone.  I hope you get at least a few moments to relax and soak up some Spring sun.

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