Cloudy April Skies

Today I’ve found myself secretly hoping that climate change shifts our weather so severely that the monsoon season begins in April rather than the beginning of July.  But that it still lasts until September.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?  I’m trying to soak up the dark, roundy clouds outlining the sky right now as much as possible, knowing that we’re set for blue, cloudless, hot-as-blazes conditions for the next 2+ months (and then another 4+ months of heat after that).  Yikes.  It must be the way other people feel about impending winter snow and cold.


desert museum
On the upside of things, we finally have some trees that are getting close to making shade, the shade structure is (partly) going up tomorrow, and we bought the requisite baby pool for summer dipping.  It’s mostly for the dogs, but once it’s steadily 95 it’s all mine.


Is your yard ready for summer?



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  1. I’ve been impressed by the amount of growth our mesquites have put on this spring. Especially the two that have tapped into the garden irrigation.

    Speaking of irrigation, do you have a drip system installed in your yard?

    I water pretty sparingly with the hose, mostly low slow soaks. I wonder if I could be even more conservative if I switched to an automatic system or if I would actually end up using more water.?

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