Craigslist Patio RoundUp

Craigslist Patio RoundUp


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I love looking around craigslist for fun outdoor additions to the patio.  So far I’ve found a simple and sturdy wrought-iron table set (painted it a really nice deep blue – there are some amazing spray paint shades at the craft store these days), some fun hanging lights with amber glass shades, and large concrete planters for herbs and annuals, all at great prices.  It’s enjoyable to come across things you might not have picked from a store and try them on for size.  If it doesn’t work out, you can always stick things back on craigslist and not feel bad for a second.  I keep an eye on outdoor rugs, lamps of all sorts – usually vintage stuff (I have a lamp problem), umbrellas, and plant stands to name a few.  The best stuff is sprinkled in between dozens of other ads, so it pays to click through a bunch of listings (like maybe 200…300?  a lot).  I always make sure I look at owner ads rather than dealer ads because the dealers seam to have the same 3 patio sets plastered over 70 or 80 ads.


So, without further ado, here are my findings from the Tucson area!


Hip, retro aluminum shorty rocking chair.  So cool.  Needs a mod fabric cushion and it’ll look great.




Clean lines with curves, wrought iron sofa (also with 2 chairs and a cocktail table!).  Add sleek cushions + simple rug + wine-tasting party.



Mid-Century hanging genie lamp.  I want this!  Create a dark and moody nighttime patio with this lamp, some candles and comfy floor cushions.

genie lamp


Ice cream social/tea time set.  Sweet and simple for your kitchen garden.

polka dot chairs



Ornate Spanish-style hanging lamp with amber glass.  I’m totally into this, especially the colored glass.  Pair it with your adobe architecture or set it off against more contemporary furnishings.

spanish lamp


This set has so much potential.  Love the delicate metal work on the chairs and the heavier industrial look of the table put together.  I’m picturing some fun paint options – canary yellow chairs + white table, two shades of aqua, cherry red on the whole works.  Place it under a mesquite tree and you’re ready for the weekend (but not this weekend, because we’re getting some RAIN!!!!).

table 3




Well, that’s the whole show for now.  You should go get some of these things!  Paint them, shine them up, decorate them with your swag and send me a picture.  We could do a fun before and after series.  Or actually, have you already done something like this?  Send it in!  I’d love to see what you’re up to in your outdoor space.


Craigslist ads from top:





http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/for/4340621953.html (oops, this one’s in Phoenix)


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