Custom Concrete Stepping Stones

concrete stones

Happy Friday, everyone!  Do you have any fun plans this evening?  I do not.  But tomorrow night I’m hoping to go see Neko Case at the Rialto Theatre.  Love her voice.

Above is a project I worked on for a few weeks last summer (if you think I don’t work through the heat of June, July and August…guess again!) and now I’d like to implement some of these same elements in my own yard.  I made the concrete stepping stones myself, and have concluded that pour-in-place is the way to go.  I am yet to work on concrete finish for crawl spaces here. Each one is something like 28″ x 28″ and took 2 1/2 bags of 60lb concrete – so that’s around $8 in concrete + $3 in framing lumber for a beautiful, large stepping stone.  This would be a fun and fairly easy DIY to add to that list of things to do if your budget is  below the $1000 mark (and of course if your budget is higher).  Sometime soon I’ll show pictures of other stones I’ve done, because they all look cool and different and it’s a pretty easy way to give a designer touch to your space.  Next up I’m trying large but varied-size circles, or at least I will when I find the right kind of material for a frame.  Any ideas?

  1. Try a hot water drip pan for your circle. You will have to cover a hole on the side, but metallic duct tape would work.

  2. Try “tami filters” (used to filter flour or dry stuff). Or maybe plastic garbage pail lids…

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