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About a month ago I posted a ceiling fan for sale on craigslist for $35.  It functions perfectly and has a tropical look, and in my life $35 can go a long way (a whole month of gas, a whole month of electric, a huge amount of food at Food City).  Well, oddly enough I’ve received at least 45 calls about the fan.  In one single day last week I had 10 calls about it.  It made me wonder why people wanted the fan so bad, and then I landed in that apathetic spot where instead of selling the fan to any number of people ready to buy it, I stored it on the bedroom floor where we have each tripped over it 15+ times and then said terrible things to the poor thing.  I’ve decided that today’s the day, and that it is leaving the house for good…right when I get around to calling one of these interested parties (maybe this evening).

Do you have something lingering like that?  Ready to go, but you need that last half ounce of motivation?

Clockwise from top left:

Calylophus: This is a perennial plant with perfectly lemon-yellow blooms that cover the plant primarily in spring, but can last all the way until fall with some extra sips of water.  The flowers last one day, opening in the morning and closing by evening, followed by new blooms the next day.  If you’re active with dead-heading, the plant will make more flowers as the summer rolls on.

Superstition Mallow: Another new favorite of mine.  This plant has great fuzzy gray-green foliage and perfect buttery yellow flowers, and is also low water and readily reseeds in the spots it finds most suitable.  Amazing!  I’ve seen them get to 3’x3′, but the books say they can get quite a bit bigger (5’x5′).  They can handle a substantial pruning in the summer when they get a little ratty, so there’s some flexibility with the size.

Golden Dyssodia: Aren’t these sweet?  This clump is about 8″ wide and 6″ tall, and looks perfect tucked in between rocks of different sizes.  They have a long bloom period – spring to fall – and are easily grown from seed.  My book says they attract butterflies, but I’ve never witnessed much action.  Have you?

Make your garden beautiful with them and BLTLandscapes. I hope you’re having a productive Monday afternoon.  See you back here tomorrow for another big reveal!  (or a small-to-medium reveal)

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  1. That is a good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Joelynn Pail Clarita

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