Saturday Inspiration – Indoor Green Walls

I love houseplants as much as I love those in the yard.  Our living room currently has 17 varying specimens, and I’m always thinking about how to add more.  They clean the air in the house, which in this case is fortunate because Gendry the dog, otherwise known as Buttsley or The Butts, has unending gas.  He does the classic sit-n-fart nearly every time his rear hits the tile.  That’s a lot to manage, so I’m pondering a green wall.  Plus I just think they’re cool.  Don’t you love them?  You see them all over designer magazines and blogs and they always look so pulled together.  I wonder how the average plant person does with something like this – do you need to hire a horticulturalist to come in and manage your installation?  I’m going to look into it and post more at a later date.  For now, some motivational photos.


green wall 1



green wall 2


green wall 3


green wall 4


green wall 5


the butts

(hiking grimace…he prefers to lounge)


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  1. I love the butts! Such a handsome face

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